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»» Do you live near Melbourne Australia? ««

My wife and I want to connect with other couples currently engaged in a Female-led relationship, who live in Melbourne, Australia. We wish to start a program of regular munches/meetups and establish a local support network Please make contact if in


My hubby and I are in Northern California

We are interested in meeting up with like minded people in our area. We live north of SF. If your interested let us know

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Leiah2 wrote: Still looking --1351941833

iam2T wrote: FYI, my userid is subiam2T, not iam2T. --1382747681

iam2T wrote: Leiah2, it appears you might be very close to us. --1382676739

wrote: We are in Santa Cruz and looking for FLR friends --1390973198

wrote: My Wife is Ms_P108 --1390973239

NotMonica wrote: Hoping to learn how to lead an FLR properly... --1525545583

NotMonica wrote: Notmonica123@yahoo.com - want to improve FLR skill --1525545668

Upstate New York couple looking for FLRs

We are a married upstate New York couple looking to connect with other couples who are in or exploring a FLR. We would like to meet and talk and learn. Please e-mail here.

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wrote: Would like to contact you gwjco@att.net --1337580616

goodfornothing wrote: Is there a group where a FLR wanna be can find a F --1394820655

Ajfisher wrote: What part of upstate, NY? WE are near Mass. --1399848508

South Carolina FLR Couple Looking for other FLRs

We are a couple looking for other FLR couples who are interested in the lifestyle for support, learning, and encouragement .

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thatguy wrote: What part of South Carolina is this --1431624802

wrote: Do you have an email you`d be willing to share? --1465588995

Baltimore Maryland couple seeks friends

Hey there, we are a newly formed FLR that are looking for friends. We have a great story in how we grew into an FLR, and we would to share.

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Do you live in Central Florida


URL: I am seeking FLR friends to meet and greet and explore mutual interest.
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cbotrader wrote: I live in Central Florida and would like more info --1349735621

Couple seeks friends in Ontario

Looking for other like minded couples who live in a FLR who would like to chat meet for dinners, drinks or just get togethers.

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wrote: What part of Ontario? We are in south east Mich. --1388658839

afire25 wrote: We are in south east michigan as well. --1421350991

Ladykatherine wrote: not in a couple yet, but TO, looking for a partner --1433167090

wrote: Niagara Region - southern Ontario --1441681242

LadyMostStrict wrote: I`d be happy to socialize w/you. Niagara here also --1451012778

Searching2016 wrote: Anyone in Toronto? Would love to chat --1462994713

JustForHer wrote: FLR wannabe gentleman in Toronto interested --1491188044

wrote: in toronto as well seeking new FLR partner :) --1492627555

greatg1970 wrote: Seeking like minded folks in Ontario? --1513183455

simmer51 wrote: Not in a couple yet.But would love to interact --1514708052

simmer51 wrote: with like minded people. --1514708087

Sleepless in Chicago

looking for a single woman in the Midwest who would like to explore a FLR or a local group to meet and discuss life in an FLR

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Anyone here in the UK?

We are a very fit, healthy Female led couple in our 40s. We would love to make contact with couples in England. Please drop us a line.

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DorianGrey wrote: Very much lacking. I`d sent you an email Andrea. --1510853253

alphaman wrote: Very few...so difficult ... --1518273666

Couple seeks friends in Illinois rockford area

We are a beginning Flr couple in our 50s looking for like minded couples to chat online with or meet in person if it feels right

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wrote: my wife and i have started flr can we talk? --1488652999

TheLorax wrote: hello. wife and i are in FLR. would love to talk. --1522975713

Brazilian woman looking for...

...informações sobre casais que seguem este estilo de vida aqui no Brazil.Procuro parceiro heterossexual que queira seguir este estilo.Não falo ingles uso o tradutor para que possamos estreitar os laços.Preferencia por quem fale Portugues/Espanhol.

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Lets-Do-Date-Gifted-Introvert-Social-Club in CA

This group is all about serious members, flr, dom/sub or others who want to meet like-minded friends, good time, empowering each other, and maybe meeting potential dates/mates having a good time.

URL: Lets-Do-Date-Gifted-Introvert-Social-Club
Email: Lets-Do-Date-Gifted-Introvert-Social-Club
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wrote: where do i sign up? =) --1451124123

new FLR couple looking for friends in TN

Hi! We are fairly new to being a female lead couple. We would love to make friends with similar interests that we can be ourselves around.

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Mistress seeks single oral

seeking a oral sub in the south florida area. good teeth, non smoker a must.

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Developing FLR community in New York City

I am seeking to develop FLR community in NYC. Singles, couples and anyone interested in FLR, for friendship, fun and support.

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Scarlett wrote: We welcome the opportunity to meet. --1451522668

maxjoe wrote: great idea strong supporter --1493271804

LittleMiss-Hubby wrote: We are close to NYC and may be able to partake. --1508522159

SWF looking for FLR in Denver Area

I am looking for an FLR relationship with a heterosexual male. I am also looking for a couple to observe and learn from. I have not had this style relationship before and I would like to learn more,

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Kansas City Couple Seeks Like Minded FLR Friends

Looking to meet FLR minded individuals interested in fun, friendship, and support. Would like to hear from you if you live anywhere near Kansas City.

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Enquiring FLR couple seeking correspondence

Seeking a similar FLR-couple open for discussion and advice about maintaining the FLR life style. Possibly willing to meet (northern Indiana). Hope to share ideas and experiences for fun and the hope of improving our FLR relationship.

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NEW! Training men with chastity
This is a couple's guide using chastity and resocialization for training a man permanently. The guide does not re-cover anything from the first guide so you need them both. It covers chastity, punishment, rewards, positive reinforcement, community help and launching a growing FLR. Can be used to start any level FLR. 26 week program, ready now in PDF


Combined Guides + 5 Food Groups
We combined the two training guides into one and added the 5 food groups. This means you get chastity, training and relationship dynamics all in one for a reduced price. Many of our members were downloading these as individual file so we combined them for a better value.


Couple's Training Guide
Women who want to train, re-socalize or grow their men for the perfect FLR have a comprehensive guide. Boot camp, weight loss/shape-up, 2 day and multi week guided programs. We address punishment, masturbation and growing good habits for supporting your leadership. Help with motivation and positive programming. Women will learn valuable leadership and control skills. This guide puts women back in control of FLR.
The 5 Food Groups In depth
How to have a harmonious relationship. Negotiating in relationships explained. How the 5 food groups can help you define and explain a better cleaner faster relationship. One hour with this book will enlighten you! Ready now
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