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In an earlier comment, I’d described being kept in chastity only when unsupervised such as when my Wife was ou or when I was out doing something without Her. But we decided that it was a bothersome exercise to put the cage on and off so frequently and She decided that it was easier and simpler just to keep me in chastity all the time.
Although my cage is the smallest we could find my penis only fills it about halfway when soft, When erect, though, I swell enough to push against the bars, which wakes me up when I get a morning erection. Also, an erection is just that…it wants to stand up in a position for sex; but, like most cages, mine forces my penis downward and won’t allow it to become erect.
My Wife hasn’t yet mentioned any schedule for masturbation. I’m thinking of bringing it up at a relationship review discussion but want to wait for the right timing and opportunity.