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      Chastity is an important part of my FLR. Masturbation is not allowed. My wife controls whether there is any sex. We have been doing this for a few years. Now I am disappointed when I do orgasm. My mind stays focused on pleasing her when denied for long periods of time.

      Is Chastity part of your FLR?

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      Supportive Sub

      Chastity is a big part of our broader WLM. My Wife has 24/7 control and only releases me if I pleasure her sufficiently first over an extended period. It certainly makes me focus solely on meeting her needs. I have learnt not to expect any release in return but to focus on her needs as this gives me great joy. Any release I get is a gift to be treasured

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        Abby Lee

        It was very hard for me at first but I have learned to derive my please by satisfying my wife orally and doing things to support my wife and make her life more pleasant as the breadwinner of our household. she has made it clear that my actions do more to satisfy her than my below average package ever did. it’s the life we choose sis.

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      I’ve never been in a flr, but I do like the idea of male chastity with the woman holding the keys. For me it could only be in a relationship that is 1 on 1, not with her having others on the side. I can’t stress that part enough! I have done pussy worship only hookups in the past, and enjoy how that can go on for hours. Whereas if I got a bj that came, its over.

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      My chastity cage is mostly to prevent me from masturbation (which was a habit I couldn’t break myself of). Of course I’m expected to be faithful to my wife and not have sex with anyone else, but I don’t have much opportunity for that, so the cage is mostly to eliminate my self-pleasuring. Whenever my wife goes out, or when I go anywhere by myself, the rule is that I put my device on, lock it, and then she checks to be sure it’s secure. We have separate bedrooms, so I also wear it at night.

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      I agree that it is an important part. I think that if you know certain signs, for example, that your domme does not fancy you in any way, then chastity becomes easier to develop. There is less need for a cage to keep those urges under control. You can then focus on other aspects to make your queen happy.

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