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  1. Kent

    A woman asked me to send her a photo. When I tried, the site asked for a source and nothing I typed in worked. The photo I want to send is on my laptop. Can you help me with this?

    A couple of other concerns/suggestions, while I’m writing. First, it would be nice if a person’s gender could be displayed in the thumbnails visible when doing a search. Obviously if a picture is posted or the name indicates the gender, this is not a problem, but many do neither. Also, I have written some about myself, but if you click on “profile” it is not visible. I’ve communicated with a woman who put typed some information about herself, but it disappeared. I appreciate you bringing the site back, but it needs improvement.

    1. Admin

      A better place for this discussion would be the forum or sending me an email using the address on this page, but to answer your questions the “image source” for sending images in private messages means a URL to an image. Something like Unfortunately the message system does not allow for uploading images. You will have to upload an image elsewhere first then copy the URL into your message.

      If I go to the members sections and click on your screen name I do see some paragraphs you have written about yourself: Eventually AboutFLR will have a full custom made dating section, and the forums for discussion. We are temporarily using the forums system for both and it is less than ideal.

  2. Kin

    Ive been trying to register for a half hour. Captcha wont believe me, wont take Any username i try, Im done. Great site, lots of great info. No porn is a huge plus. I wish it worked.

  3. SwmseekingFLR@gmail

    Be careful about the site.
    There are members who are claiming to be female however all they are are men pretending to be female dominants they are data mining scam artists.
    There is someone here that goes by the name of the mistress Jean.
    This individual is a total scanner and will use your phone number in an elaborate data mining scheme.
    BEWARE !!

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