FAQ about Female Led Relationships and aboutFLR.com

FAQ about Female Led Relationships and aboutFLR.com

We are trying to keep this site on the up and up with as much well thought out information as we can. FLR is a difficult subject because of the dark side and its negative impressions brought forth from misleading sources. Professionals, porn purveyors and men posing as women are not welcome here.

How many men and women really participate in female led relationships?

     The numbers will surprise everyone. There is no formal data from census on FLR participation but we have a few other ways to judge the participation. Book sales on the subject, the newness of website content and the number of websites participating on the subject. We have keyword searches on female led relationships and related phrases plus posts to blogs. Those that developed this site are experts on statistical data and internet usage.

     We estimate that participation by women in formal female led relationships numbers in the thousands and perhaps low tens of thousands. but for men most participation is informal and it is hundreds of thousands. Casual male participation (in play) is in the mid millions. The informal participation by couples likely numbers in the very low millions. Books on the subject don’t sell well and users groups are few and fail from time to time because of participation issues. Most internet content is old and out of date. So we will estimate there are 1.8 million women in the US/Canada/UK that are interested in FLR and 18 million men. That is the best we can do.

Why does this site exist?

     The site exists because most of the information online is provided by men interested in kink or by porn purveyors and professionals who prey on and profit from kinky male fantasies. The great majority of all websites contain pornographic images, strange fanatical doctrine (such as women as goddesses or superior by design) and BSDM (a acronym that has been associated with sex play, torture and so-called ‘lifestyle’) [read more about why we exist…]. This site is part of a much larger group of sites on human relationships in the internet age.

Who participates in this site?

     This site was basically written by 4 women and 1 man. by Jan 2011 thousands have participated in the project. Participation is open but monitored. We are and cater to intelligent people who want intelligent direction and answers. The content was written from a middle aged woman’s perspective for women to read. Men readers can use this as a resource for their mates and are welcome to participate.

Can I participate anonymously?

     Read away, take the quizzes, participate in the polls and contribute comments. All comments are screened by software and a human. If you register and confirm yourself as a woman you may dialog without censorship using a screen name.

Can I contribute content?

     We will need to make a relationship first. This site is protected because we want it to remain as a credible resource. If you are an expert or have expertise on some of the topics we encourage your contact (contact the admin). Users may participate at anytime.

Do you have personal ads?

     Personal ads coming soon!

Do you allow advertising?

Yes! Please contact the admin.

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  1. Lou

    Is there cuckolding involved in this type of relationship. because i could never participate in that

    1. Walter

      Cuckolding is not a typical element in an FLR. just because there is unequal power doesn’t mean the female wants multiple partners.

  2. Johan

    To me, in a real level 3-4 FLR it is for the Woman to decide wether to cuckold her male, and for him to accept the situation and even support Her in this. He may perhaps be allowed to express that it hurts and humiliates him, and She may then just use it as punishment. If the Woman don’t feel for cuckholding it also is for Her to ban it from their relationship. Then there are males who seek to be cuckold, even be present as voyeur – again, it will be for the Woman to decide wether she want it. The male is to have no say in a real FLR – that is the ground basic rule.

  3. FlaFLR

    Very good statement. ” The male is to have no say in a real FLR”.

    1. George

      No. He always has a say. A “real FLR” determines his roll based on mutual agreement and the FLR level. Stop with the unhealthy fantasies. An FLR is more than just a man’s kinky submissive fantasies. It is about developing a closer relationship between a woman and a man by improving communication, understanding, respecting boundaries, and devotion. You really need to read this site.

      Most women want respect, loyalty, novelty/adventure, service (think of her needs first, cooking, household chores), and pampering (including affection and gifts). They also want communication, a good listener, discussion, and alternative intelligent opinions. No normal sane woman wants a doormat for a man. She just wants him to do what she wants without having to argue with him.

      Cuckholding, pegging, male chastity cages, and corporal punishment are more kinks for men and not necessarily part of a “real FLR”.

  4. To love and obey

    I feel that if a man is truly willing to submit to a woman, that he must be open to the idea of being cuckolded. A man must be willing to put her wants and needs above his own. The lives of modern women are much more complicated than days past. Some women may feel the need to have more than one man to meet different needs in her life. Besides, sex is one of the 5 food groups that a woman completely controls in an flr. And I feel that her having the right to initiate cuckolding applies to this. It’s her decision to make as long as it’s out in the open, and understood early in the relationship.

  5. Distressed Seeking Answers

    I am confused. Does anyone care to explain why a submissive must accept what to them might be a total betrayal, effective abandonment and replacement (even if temporary), and total violation of their hardest limits just to be considered valid?

    I wholeheartedly agree that in an a strong/high level FLR, sex is entirely within Her purview, but does having total authority and decision making power render the exercise of that power immune to being harmful? Does it justify invalidating or ignoring the submissive?

    I understand that some submissives might not experience cuckolding that way, but to assert that those who do aren’t valid or even submissive seems… Distressing, to say the least.

    Is this the general consensus among those Women who would participate in an FLR?

  6. la999

    Hi Destressed, Did you discuss the terms of your FLR before entering it? I would never accept cuckolding and that’s also something my wife is not interested in. Every FLR is different.

    It sounds like your wife found a new man. Is that what you are saying? I think you don’t have to accept it. If she doesn’t care what you think then maybe it’s time for you to move on.

  7. Kiko

    I was thinking about FLR and how can I tell my new future girl about FLR without risking losing her?
    I have read as much as possible my question is why do not many know about FLR with all the book writers writing about the subject.?

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