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      (Seeking flr and lomg term relationship)
      I am an indian student and i live with my parents, and i m lonely and looking for genuine love, i don’t care about your past as long as you have a decent personality and also wants a geniune relationship. I don’t have any future plans or anything rightnow , maybe look for a job after college. I have no hate or distain towards any nationalities, looks , colour , religion , culture etc. I had never bought any sex toys or something similar until now nor can i buy later as i live with my parents. I will not pay or ask for money from you or from me (no findom or any abuse or hate speech).
      I like to live in my own world (meaning i watch anime, play pvp shooting games , listen to nightcore and hard rock music , read and listen novels , read coloured manga, manhwa etc.)
      Open to all kinks that doesn’t involve any damage to body or severe pain. I am open for flr relationship with any young kinky women preferably between 20-30 , and above only if you have that personality & qualities and have no children we can look forward to our relationship. I am willing to learn and grow together with you and i expect same from you.
      I am not a smoker , not a drinker , not a drug addict but i am bedwetter from my childhood and have a introverted personality. I hope and expect enough patience and chances from my future partner, as i have no experience in relationships and i hope that u take the lead. I hope that in my future my bedwetting can be cured or i can find an empathetic partner or adbl lover (dom but only female).

Viewing 0 reply threads
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