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      Looking for future Owner.

      I respect everyone’s time, so in the interest of being clear please see below:

      The kind of man I am.
      *Single, no kids, 27 years old.
      *Tall (6′-1”).
      *Looking for long term partner & possible marriage & is ready to create a real relationship in-person.
      *Is financially stable.
      *Has an expanded worldview.
      *Knows how to sit with uncomfortable emotions, process them, and communicate them to someone he loves.
      *Educated, ambitious, and driven to make positive change in the world.
      *Accountable, consistent & able to stand with integrity and is true to my his word.
      *Have hobbies, creative endeavors, plays in some form consistently.

      I’ve explored the Houston kink community since 2015. I have always been intrigued by unconventional desires and psychological frameworks that challenge societal norms for as long as I can remember. These alternative activities encompass a range of experiences, including but not limited to Power Exchange, Female Domination, Bondage, fetishes & Vulnerability. I desperately seek to serve, from a selfless place in the hopes to fully surrender it all one day. Although I have discovered achieving a balance between power and love & cruelty can pose challenges. I am actively seeking a partner in which I can explore an FLR.

      To me, a FLR is a natural thing where both parties understand that listening to the woman and moving in ways she suggests will often result in the greatest health and happiness of the entire family unit. It’s making a conscious decision to bring about more of a balance compared to the standard-issue norm of male-led relationships. I activity want to make my woman’s life both easier and better, & find delight in her happiness and health. As far as the level of FLR goes, I would say I would need to work up to eventual level 4-5.

      If you are interested, please shoot me a message, I am willing to relocate.

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