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I’ve once again found myself single and searching. For seven years off and on, long story. I was in a level 4+ FLR relationship/marriage. I’ve always been chivalrous which led to us diving into FLR and other deeper aspects of the lifestyle.

I can never see myself being in a Vanilla relationship and have been very upfront with my preference of wanting an FLR relationship. Dating these days is so horrid…I’m not an outgoing person so all my attempts in searching has been dating apps or sites. Sadly with any fetish or taboo type desire there are so many fakes/scammers and women making money by providing the facade of the fantasy it’s proven extremely difficult. I don’t want to waste the time of anyone by not being forthright and honest. So the few opportunities I have I begin usually with the “Would you consider yourself an Alpha”?

I dislike the mindset of the single searching in this day and time. For me it seems the majority only search for the ones that “Check the most boxes” and heaven forbid a relationship gets a little difficult. Then it’s off to the next checklist…I miss the days where you begin with chemistry and take the time discovering one another and being in love enough to grow and find ways to make everything work regardless of each others differences. There will always be things that we may dislike about each other..sorry slightly of subject..