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I am guessing that the kind of woman you are looking for you don’t have the confidence to approach. My wife is dominant however, even though I am submissive I had the confidence to approach her years ago. It was only after several years into our marriage that we decided to enter into an FLR.

I have always been attracted to strong, independent and confidant women who are not afraid to voice their opinions. IMO these women are more open to considering the idea of an FLR. Such ladies also are the most difficult to approach for submissive males such as myself. I took myself out of the dating game for 5 years, that included no sex so I could work on being a better man, potential partner, and more attractive to the kind of women I hoped to meet.

When I returned to dating, I met women who were more what I was looking for in a long-term partner. These ladies were also more open to considering an FLR.

I had to learn in an FLR that I don’t set the pace, tone, or time lines. My wife does. That means I may not like somethings or they may not happen in my desired time frame. However, that is part of being in an FLR. The WOMAN not the man decides when and what will occur.
Being submissive also means being a good follower. While being a good leader is harder, being a good follower also takes time and practice.
So you may get into a relationship with a woman and even if she is eventually open to an FLR remember she is in charge of what occurs in the relationship not you. Your desires and wished are secondary to hers.