Over 70% of FLR women want men to bow to them

Over 70% of FLR women want men to bow to them

Bowing and curtsying used to be a public display acknowledging one persons submission to another. The deeper the bow the greater the submission. FLR women seem to want this revived. The scores go down when it is done in public by as much as 30%; which says women want the respect shown to them in their private lives or among close company. To me this is hot and useful. Hot because he is down at my feet and useful as it describes our relationship.

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  1. greg

    Appreciate the posts…. Quite a high number really. Interesting…

  2. Gerry

    Of course do anything to embarrass the guy in front of family and friends or the public. It tightens her control of him. Plus he gets demerits for not bowing low enough. Doesn’t it ever embarrass the woman that she is displaying how badly she treats him? Or what she has turned him into? Anything for her to get their little power trip on, though.

  3. FlaFLR

    Very interesting, but a man in a FLR should bow to their wife/ female leader as a sign of respect. This should include walking behind her in public, keeping quiet while she is talking and taking her last name in marriage. This all strenghtens and increases her confidence and position as the relationship leader.

  4. yardbird

    My wife has never asked or wanted me to bow to her in front of other people. However, we have duplicated the scene in the picture many times privately, especially when I have made a mistake, but sometimes just because it feels right.

  5. Lou

    I have a question, i am not a beta male, I am a Alpha male. Does this require a beta male because Me being Sicilian/Italian-Calabrese i never bow to any woman and outside of a professional setting i never follow a woman. Plus i am 64 and set in my ways.

  6. Lou

    I would never ever bow to any woman. No woman i have ever know was made to bow down to her husband. This really goes against my culture. I also would never walk behind her as even men don’t do this to women in today’s world. As far as keeping quite while she is talking is done anyways as just be polite. My parents would roll over in their grace if I gave up and threw away my family name and my siblings would lose respect for me.

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