Over 70% of FLR women want men to bow to them

Over 70% of FLR women want men to bow to them

Bowing and curtsying used to be a public display acknowledging one persons submission to another. The deeper the bow the greater the submission. FLR women seem to want this revived. The scores go down when it is done in public by as much as 30%; which says women want the respect shown to them in their private lives or among close company. To me this is hot and useful. Hot because he is down at my feet and useful as it describes our relationship.

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  1. Gerry

    Of course do anything to embarrass the guy in front of family and friends or the public. It tightens her control of him. Plus he gets demerits for not bowing low enough. Doesn’t it ever embarrass the woman that she is displaying how badly she treats him? Or what she has turned him into? Anything for her to get their little power trip on, though.

    1. Squirrel

      Why are you here, sir? It sounds like the content of this site would serve no purpose but to (further) frustrate and anger you…and yet here you are.

      I could look for a parallel in my own experience, but it’s been so long now – 24 years, I believe – since I harbored an unhealthy fear and resentment of women’s innate power that I can no longer remember whether I used to go deliberately wallowing in all that negativity. Maybe I did. But wow, I’m *so* much happier now… =)

    2. DD

      She’s not treating him badly though. In a true FLR the subby gets turned on by submitting to his Domme. He feels safe, secure, owned, cherished. He likes to show his submission to her. She she enjoys receiving it. It’s a ying:yang. He enjoys feeling the control and wants her to give it.

  2. FlaFLR

    Very interesting, but a man in a FLR should bow to their wife/ female leader as a sign of respect. This should include walking behind her in public, keeping quiet while she is talking and taking her last name in marriage. This all strenghtens and increases her confidence and position as the relationship leader.

  3. yardbird

    My wife has never asked or wanted me to bow to her in front of other people. However, we have duplicated the scene in the picture many times privately, especially when I have made a mistake, but sometimes just because it feels right.

  4. Lou

    I have a question, i am not a beta male, I am a Alpha male. Does this require a beta male because Me being Sicilian/Italian-Calabrese i never bow to any woman and outside of a professional setting i never follow a woman. Plus i am 64 and set in my ways.

  5. Lou

    I would never ever bow to any woman. No woman i have ever know was made to bow down to her husband. This really goes against my culture. I also would never walk behind her as even men don’t do this to women in today’s world. As far as keeping quite while she is talking is done anyways as just be polite. My parents would roll over in their grace if I gave up and threw away my family name and my siblings would lose respect for me.

    1. Lady Liama Rose

      you are in the WRONG place bro.

  6. Seamus red-cheeks

    I have to say that I agree with Lou. To make a public display of servitude seems a little over the top. I think one can be completely servile to one’s wife / partner without making it blatantly obvious that your balls belong to her. If she is dissatisfied with your behaviour then she can easily discipline you later in private. Public humiliation is crossing a line into BDSM and neither of us are into that. 🙂

    1. Lady Liama Rose

      My slave (transitioning) and I differ on your view but I DO see how valid your view is. In public or in private, that is yours and Her purogative. BUT I feel that it should ultimately be Her choice depending on where the male falls in the s roles.

  7. Chastityslave

    In private i would curtsey in my maids outfit as her girlfriends all laugh at the chastity device as i raise the hem of my skirt and ask “How may I serve you ,Goddess?”

  8. Stephanie (girl name)

    Our FLR is basically private. My wife would never ask me publicly or privately to bow to her but she does sometimes giggle at me when I curtsy. That is extremely fun fur me. I like to see her having fun with our lives.

  9. MissMinutiae

    I have questions about whether or not this headline accurately represents the broad cross-section of women truly desirous of entering a Female Led Relationship.
    Where are the citations?
    I want to know when and where was the information gathered. How many women were polled? Was it through this website? Who was the authority? I don’t see a source listed. #dubious

    1. Admin

      Great question! The stat is from a poll conducted here on AboutFLR from 2013 – 2018.

      This site used to have several pages of FLR polls and results until 2018 when the site went offline for over a year. AboutFLR is back under new management and unfortunately a lot of data from the old site was lost. I still have a copy of the poll results page and added an image showing the bow/kneel question results. Unfortunately the results page did not say how many people answered each question, though it does say that 9,380 Women participated in the polls. I plan on posting the old poll data here for everyone to see and am working on a new poll system. Question suggestions for the new polls greatly appreciated.

    2. Alifeoflearning

      I agree. The statistics generated by the polls on this web site are hard for me to believe. I suspect that the data is spoiled by men posing as women and answering the questions. Reading the results of some of these polls, one would think that dominant women were more numerous and open about it than what has been true in my own experience and observations.
      Wonderful if true and I am proved wrong, but I have my doubts about this and other poll results here.

  10. zero

    I think in means 70% want men to bow in private, not in public.
    I love this site’s FLR poll data. Please post as much as possible. I’m happy to help if you need it.

  11. Terry

    AND THIS is why all these articles about “,levels” and the type of relationship not being abusive is a total fucking joke. You all just want someone to humiliate, disrespect, laugh at and completely dominate without any guilt. Malignant narcissists the lot of you.

    1. michael savell

      The point is that since women got married to the Government they have become more and more
      outrageous.In normal life the Government have totally emasculated most males and they themselves
      are becoming caricatures without any direction.We were told when women picked up the mantle that things would become better for all but,sorry to say,they have made the world a dangerous place.
      These FLR’s are just an extension of their hate for men .On the one hand they want to humiliate every male but they still want a strong man to have sex with.The levels of FLRs are set knowing that level 4 is bound to come sooner rather than later.How can a weak man prevent it/It is all about feminists having a laugh in doing what they are told to do but not so good for a man who has been stripped of friends and family who knowing what they know want nothing to do with him.

  12. servus

    As a natural thing for Her to demand in the never ending development of a FLR with Her male I see it as a beautiful thing. I personally would do it as a sign of my submission to be seen by everyone just would connect me even deeper to Her.

  13. M PowerYou

    I think this would be a nice gesture and a good way to demonstrate our respect and a reminder of our roles and positions. There are other accepted traditions like this such as when men meet and the lower rank will offer his hand first for a handshake or when several men approach a doorway some will defer and let the dominant go first, or an underling will open and hold a door for his boss and only go after his superior. This photo is similar to the traditional catholic custom when priests greet higher authorities, bishops or the pope. And in D/s relationships and kink play it’s common for the sub to kneel when first presenting to someone in a dominant role. Any well mannered gentlemen will hold a door for a woman, hold an umbrella for her, pull out a chair in a restaurant and seat her before sitting down. So these types of behavior are not really that uncommon.

    I see that the bowing in Japanese culture is not just a greeting but has also been a show of apology, gratitude, respect and a show of submission. So sounds very appropriate for men to offer this gesture to women today in our culture. Maybe this could become a popular trend for men who wish to show their support for women’s rights and feminism, sounds odd now but so did the hand slap greeting before or masculine men having long hair before the 60’s. It’s only unusual, until it’s not.

    In a FLR I think it would be a sweet and useful practice to meet the woman with something like this, down on one knee and kissing her hand in greeting, or a deep bow at the waist. In more private settings kneeling and kissing the woman’s feet or ankle might be a nice show of respect and deference to her superior role. The bible was full of mentions of greeting someone by washing their feet, I remember as a kid being turned on when they would read that in a gospel.
    But I don’t think any of this is that unusual or without precedent.

    1. MissMinutiae

      I agree that some sign of deference or devotion is lovely. But I do not believe for one minute that the data would truly reveal what it is inferring.

      For me, public devotion is shown by a kiss on my cheek, approaching to stand with his torso resting against my right or left elbow.

      It truly is the DEVOTION that should be visible. Not emasculation. I agree that foot touching or bowing are lovely for appropriate and enculturated symbols of respect but between us two, this should be a private acknowledgment. Okay… unless we’re in a venue where your obedience and charms can be shown off to a sympathetic crowd…like a venue where collars are typically displayed.

      The point is that you would do whatever I ask and that I trust in this. Your devotion would ensure you would be ready to bow if I asked. If we were well attuned I would never doubt it.

      1. Mike

        These comments are fascinating.

        Bowing seems like an empty gesture unless it’s backed up with other behaviours like cooking and cleaning. After being married for a while I’m in tune with what my wife wants and know to be ready.

      2. servus

        I can see Your point, the intimacy in being close, that She can feel my attention and devotion, You described thatvery beautyful – thank You 🙂

  14. alic

    Bow, submit & obey… I wish a woman would make me do this anytime, anywhere…

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