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I’m a goddess who seeks for a submissive to be legally owned by me as my property.
I’m ready to offer strict, yet sensual domination to all submissives and I genuinely enjoy my work. I respect all limits but actively explore and exploit them to completely fulfil my fantasies first before yours. I am very open and really interested in serious and worthy sub who knows that their rightful place is under my feet, to worship my body,ass and feet. I have various toys for pleasure and pain. The qualifications are for you to be very submissive and serious about your desires.
I need to know if your intentions are for real about having me as your mistress and serving me with your body and mind .
What has your experience on this kinky lifestyle been like so far ? Feel free to write me direct on google chat ( goddessgranny108@gmail.com ) looking forward to your response pretty soon. Take care.