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      When my Wife and I first heard about male chastity we both thought at first it was a
      silly idea, but after reading about it on forums, for some reason the idea stuck
      in my head. We discussed it more seriously together later and decided to give
      it a try.
      So one day I gave in to my intrigue and ordered a couple of chastity cages to
      try out, steel and plastic in 2 different sizes.

      I remember holding the first cage, I felt aroused and naughty which made it
      very hard to put the cage on at first. I asked her to lock me and gave it a little
      test drive around the house for a few hours. I was surprised by how much it
      felf nice and wanted to continue wearing it. I think the simple idea of
      knowing she had me locked and was holding the key was my way to let her
      know : I trust you and and want to give you more power.

      And even thow it caused a little pain and discomfort at first, i started to work
      on increasing my time with my penis locked. First a few hours, then a whole
      day and over night. We even tried “ Locktober” and i managed to keep it on
      just over two and a half days. I could feel my sexual energy was high because
      of this new form of arousal from having her lock me up and tease me. I never
      managed so far to were it longer, but she did ask several times me to wear it
      under my trousers to go out in public or at home with guests which provides
      me a higher level of positive unconfortableness. The fact of both knowing
      and the feeling of being nocited ( caught ) by others adds a lot of excitement
      to the experience.

      I do regular research about the subject like how a female partner, wife or
      Mistress keyholder can control and train their caged sissy partner.
      Also read about becoming a better Sissy partner and i always come up with “
      The longer you are locked in chastity and denied orgasms the more
      subservient you will become “ or “ Your partner will love it just as you will
      love your new level of devotion to them “.

      So if we’re talking about wearing a cage daily, should my default setting be
      caged and locked ? Should I sleep in the cage, wear it all day every day
      unless she’s requiring access. Should I get unlocked the necessary time to
      wash, visit my doctor, for any sports activities or if it’s time to orgasm, then
      back in the cage ?

      So far i’ve been the one asking to be locked or locking myself, but in fact
      shouldn’t i be locked all the time and unlocked only when she has decided,
      for the reason and the lenght of time she wants.

      Is this is how it should be and have i got it wrong from the start ?

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