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      Like almose everyone, my Wife and I were brought up to be considerate of others and to say “please” when we ask for something, and “thank you” to show our gratitude when receiving.
      So I’m curious if Women in other Female led couples still use these courteous terms when dealing with their male subordinates.
      But when we committed to a Female Led Marriage and defined our hierarchy in an agreement, and I formally committed to obedience to my Wife, she decided that she could dispense with the pleases and thank yous. After all, I had to obey her with no argument or backtalk (we do have weekly relationshio reviews), so why bother saying “please” when she can just order me to do something?
      We tried it that way for a while, but she felt like she was coming across harsher than she intended and the pleases and thank yous came back, but in a different sounding way. “Please” started sounding much more like there is absolutely no choice involved. Which there isnt!…but she just had that edge to her voice from the confidence she’d gained.
      Now, we’re more into the “Bobbie, I need you to….” or “I’d love it if you would…” or possibly “Bobbie, why haven’t you done….?”
      Of course, I’m still required to use Please and Thank You (with a curtsy)
      So….where are other couples in this process? Any suggestions? Comments?

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      I definitely think it’s nicer if there are pleases and thank yous from a woman in charge. A harsh tone can be adopted if there’s some behaviour that needs to be addressed, but as a guy if I was fulfilling my end of the bargain by being obedient and respectful I would appreciate being spoken too kindly.

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