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Dear Nanaya,

Your ad is very clear and worded beautifully. I know in my life I was a bull for many cuckold couples until I was in many 30s. Something in my heart changed and I was drawn to FLRs from 35 on. Personally the one thing that has kept me from achieving perfect submissiveness, and obedience was and is my sex drive. Just to be clear I am a strong and loving man and would bend the world for the woman I love. But my submission in our home was always tainted by sex drive. Even in chastity i will do things just for sexual release and that is wrong. That isnt true service. I met a couple 2 years ago and her husband is castrated (for medical reasons) they are an FLR couple and seeing how he loves and serves her is amazing. He loves seeing her enjoy other men. I know that as I look for my new love of my life I am seeking a woman that would want castration as part of our relationship. Most insurance companies will cover voluntary castration. I hope you look in to the possibility or guiding your next love to the next level. All the love I have seen in that couple is absolutely worth being free of the bad decisions hanging between my legs.

Best wishes and hope your find the prefect love.