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      I have been considering the benefit of an FLR since I discovered this site several years ago. Glad to see it back and hoping to see it returned to it’s former popularity.

      Having trained with three prominent Domina in San Francisco, I have acquired the skills necessary to go to a level 4 but have never used these skills within a relationship.

      My efforts to find a traditional relationship is fraught with frustration. I am unable to find, through traditional means, a man willing to both openly share their wants, needs, and desires while understanding the benefit to gallantly prioritizing mine.

      Should I search in a different venue, I am met by men wanting to be spanked, screwed, or otherwise entertained by me, when I am seeking someone to cherish.

      I prefer men of my age or older, who are educated or self-educated, do not adhere to theist or dualist ideas, and whose politics run left of center. They should be fit enough to backpack in an arid climate without concern and also be free of cat allergies. I live in the bay area for shared custody and prefer someone who is based locally.
      I am looking for authenticity, connection that sparks, and conversation so easy that we suddenly notice it’s already 2am!
      While I strongly value wit over wealth, you must be capable of self-support.

      Potentially eligible and interested suitors should connect via NanayaMaam@gmail.com

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      Maid Stephanie

      Succinctly put and spot on. I wish you well. It is difficult but not impossible to find your match in this. What is hard for a man to do is truly understand what submission is to put her first without giving up his own fantasy. He must accept your leadership and how You want it to be. That’s true submission. I’m married and just trying to encourage you. Level 2 FLR. Truly wish you the best. Don’t rush it. Take your time and develop the relationship but maintain a fun air of dominance and you will see how men react. This will help you identify prospects.
      Good read is JM Scott practical FLR

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        I sent you an email from google.
        SO well said madam. It shows the same frustration I have felt for the past, almost 6 years.


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      Dear Nanaya,

      Your ad is very clear and worded beautifully. I know in my life I was a bull for many cuckold couples until I was in many 30s. Something in my heart changed and I was drawn to FLRs from 35 on. Personally the one thing that has kept me from achieving perfect submissiveness, and obedience was and is my sex drive. Just to be clear I am a strong and loving man and would bend the world for the woman I love. But my submission in our home was always tainted by sex drive. Even in chastity i will do things just for sexual release and that is wrong. That isnt true service. I met a couple 2 years ago and her husband is castrated (for medical reasons) they are an FLR couple and seeing how he loves and serves her is amazing. He loves seeing her enjoy other men. I know that as I look for my new love of my life I am seeking a woman that would want castration as part of our relationship. Most insurance companies will cover voluntary castration. I hope you look in to the possibility or guiding your next love to the next level. All the love I have seen in that couple is absolutely worth being free of the bad decisions hanging between my legs.

      Best wishes and hope your find the prefect love.

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      Thank you, everyone, for your interest. I am now partnered. My strong and sensual consort has devoted himself to my happiness in the most Utopic FLR.

      Anyone interested in a project to educate women on the benefit of FLR, feel free to connect.

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      I would like to educate women on the benefits of FLR but havebno idea how to get started. Can you help?

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      Maid Stephanie

      I have found the three book series by JM Scott called practical FLR very interesting in educating women who have at least some curiosity about this lifestyle.

      Of course this website is great on pure information without fantasy expectations.

      Also newagelifestyle.com is a promoter of matriarchal society.

      Flrjoy.com is more pictorial with commentary and very stimulating and exciting.

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