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Madam, your post was very intriguing, and if you’re still looking please consider me. I’m 52, currently in Tennessee but able to move to MA with current job. Everything you described spoke to me and directed me to message you. What stuck out most was the desire to be monogamous, and desire for lifetime service; with those assurances I believe that provides a foundation of safety and stability that would allow me to give fully to trying whatever you wish (within discussed limits), since the fear of abandonment is negated. I’m in the process of ending a long-time relationship (30+ years, her choice) so belonging to one person is very important to me. While not Jewish myself, I am familiar with many of the traditions and wouldn’t be fun to own a goy, just like it’s mentioned in some Jewish religious texts? It would absolutely sacred. Also, I’m a relative newbie to BDSM (but I have been curious), so if training someone without any preconceived notions interests you, I’m your guy (potentially). If you read this, thank you for taking the time, if you didn’t read this, at least I expressed myself, as I felt compelled to.