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Permanent inescapable servitude. How delicious.

With me you’ll do all the household chores to my specifications. If we have plans, I’ll help you out. Chores will be done daily and on schedule.

When relaxing you’ll either be rubbing my feet or back while I read a book. You’ll fetch my water when asked without hesitation.

Yes Ma’am or No Ma’am is how you’ll answer a question. No long explanation is needed. If I want more information from you I’ll simply ask you.

I do not cook so that is up to you also. When I enter the house, you’ll bow take off my shoes and kiss my feet.

CFNM is most important. It keeps the mindset of this relationship always in the forefront. Besides, if I want or need to paddle your bottom I’ll just have you bend over and present your bottom to me.

This will be a normal relationship but with a twist and a total power exchange. I’ll be in charge of you. Say that over and iver again in your mind.

Respond as quickly as possible.

Your Very Dominate Queen