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Dear Ms. Mistress Master – DesiringFLR,

Good day . . .

Thank You for Your return InAboutFLRMessages. i sent You an email to Your desiringFLR@yahoo.com email – i guess You have not checked or received that email; so i am resending my message through InAboutFLRMessaes to You.

my original message:

Thank You for Your posting on AboutFLR! i have perused Your posting with great interest and intrigue. i also note that Your posting is several months old, June 2023, so i am wondering if You are still in-search-of a slave in which to establish Your FLR journey or if the position and opportunity has been filled / satisfied.

i am responding to Your posting with my interest, availability, and enthusiastic desire to explore with You Your desires, intentions, and evaluation / assessment approach to selecting Your slave.

As an initial introduction, i am:
– a swm – available to, interested in, desirous of, and seeking a F / m -> D / s -> M / s relationship that is journey into a / Your / our LTR, of a developing and growing immersive FLR, of a LTR endeavor and pursuit, with an emerging TPE . . . ongoing as You described
– living in NYC
– working as a public servant, among other hats in life
– experienced in some D / s and M / s relationships, with a desire for further emersion into serving, submitting, and being taken and rendered by a powerful Woman for Her / Your entertainment, pleasure, and satisfaction that excites and delights You in and through my submission, service, performance, use / usage as Your possession and property
– and . . .

i pause, awaiting Your return communication if You are still ‘in-search-of’ Your slave.

Please advise and direct me as to how You would like to processed with, and in, Your assessment and evaluation of me as a candidate . . .

i trust You are having wonderful week!

Your aspiring slave for Your taking and rendering,

em: three_3_ss@yahoo,com