Hello Mistress,

I’d like to introduce myself regarding a possible FLR.

I believe I have a lot to offer you. I’m 64 years old (not ideal, I know), currently living in Oregon. I’m single, childfree, financially able to relocate, very much seeking an FLR, primed to be yours.

I so much want to serve a superior woman, to offer my obedience, loyalty, honesty and service.

I am drug and disease free, a non-smoker, only a social drinker. I’m healthy, I’m stocky by nature.

I’m a science writer by profession. I have three degrees, bachelor’s in physics & mathematics, a master’s in physics, and a PhD in physics.

But I am far from an eggheaded nerd. I’m extremely well rounded, and well read. I’ve published over 300 journalistic in some of the best nonfiction science magazines – Scientific American, Audubon, Popular Science, Wired, etc. I once backpacked for 1500 miles straight. Another time, 350 miles without stopping. I am self-employed, free. I keep overcoming obstacles to stay here.

I’ve published fiction short stories in bone fide, legitimate literary journals.

I am multi-dimensional: very smart, but also conversational, funny, clever, witty, aware, intuitive, empathetic, loving, submissive, desirous, and much more. I think you will like me, honestly like me.

And I want someone like you to own and guide me. I mean that. I need that. I do. I can tell you why I understand that now. In return I will worship and serve you in whatever ways you wish, seeking to fulfill you completely. I will be all yours. Use me.

I need focus and discipline and to focus on another, with punishment if I stray. I know I need this.

Though I have no experience serving a mistress except a few afternoons and a weekend, this is what I have to offer you.