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Hello and thanks for the reply.
Yes, level 4 would be an accurate description, to say the least.
I’m open minded as to the actual “what where and how” of it all, as each relationship is unique and highly personal. Also, there’s no “do me” lists in my head- I don’t feel that’s ever appropriate or necessary, beyond the top level compatibility of level 4/5 and a strong desire to partner with a woman who knows what she wants and how she wants it. The only “must haves” for me are already there, it seems- and that’s my deep desire for cuckoldry. How that manifests is none of my business, but that it’s part of a relationship ( or ideally marriage) is crucial to me.

I think that stems from a 7+ year relationship I had- happy to discuss the whys and wherefore a of this particular desire privately if that’s ok with you?

I’m originally from the SW part of the UK and indeed get down to Somerset frequently, but am presently based in Cheshire and London- but that’s not a barrier for me should the right person come along.

Happy to discuss any topic at all, and would enjoy the chance to get to know you better.
J x