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ISO FLR in/around Manhattan and/or Palm Beach

I’m well aware I’m screaming into the void with this disclaimer, but I am not a pro domme. Only interested in those in/around Manhattan and/or Palm Beach. I have no time or desire for a vanilla relationship. I give great girlfriend, just not the usual variety. Successful mature submissive men who play a dominant role day to day are my preference. A submissive’s obsession, adoration and loyalty is the only basis that I feel comfortable being free enough to express just how selfish my fantasies are. As for “real” life, my happiness should still come first as it makes us both happy. I realize that’s also selfish. You should know I don’t really care. It’s as brutal a yield sign as I can convey and going forward, I’m going to be brutally honest about what I am as not doing so serves no one, least of all myself. I’m incredibly loving towards my submissive, but if I were capable/interested in the usual forms of reciprocity, I wouldn’t be here. I’m beautiful, intelligent, etc. That describes a large percentage of women in Manhattan. It’s not so remarkable and while it is obviously its own social currency, when you’re not a vanilla woman, it is counter intuitive. I’m not interested in a normal conversation over a cocktail about where I grew up or my favorite color. I’m not worried if you’ll like me. I’m typically staring past your face thinking is he submissive enough to kiss my feet in his suit after he’s had an incredibly stressful day that I don’t care to hear about apart from how it serves me? I can buy my own drinks without the hassle of hearing someone feed me every social norm we’ve decided is appropriate on a date.