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I am a 56 year old attractive, submissive well educated, professional Alfa-AA gentleman With 3 own companies I work as CEO and sales manager & chairman of the board and who respects female strict Dominance and dominant development, I travel a lot at work but now want a calmer place to breathe out at a strong hot Strictly Dominant Woman who is open to a Female Led Relationship el marriage and long-term FLR live 2–4 +. on your terms, I am a submissive man who respects female domination and supremacy so I am very compatible with dominant women. I am motivated by the woman’s acumen, intelligence and Alpha presence is wonderfully arousing my knees become soft by her presence and I just want to fall on my knees and embrace her, so I wish you are always the person you really are in the relationship and you feel free to increase your power and strength and dominance over me so that all your innermost dreams are satisfied do not hesitate to do anything. feel free to talk to me if you want me to help you towards total dominance over me your male puppy you do not have to follow the status quo. so it will be liberating for you. And I would like to show you with my knowledge of female FLR Level 1 to 4+ FLR is wonderful I can read for hours days without getting tired because it is so sexy romantic exciting tantalizing fear and shyness over her nudity in her dominance and when she likes it also makes the excitement wonderful as love but hotter and more intense it is just one thing that scares me and makes me less if my domina would leave me because she shaped me into a puppy so I hope you stay even though I have become a puppy and lick your leather boots clean