Hello my queen mistress I looking for a FLM female led marriage
I am looking for a strictly well-educated Dominant career woman who is looking for a submissive gentleman for a long-term female led marriage FLR preferably with family and children together where I as your husband take care of everything in the home including the children
I am a muscular handsome emotional submissive kind gentleman who likes family life and a loving relationship together with a woman who appreciates family life deep love and long term solid female lead relationship, where we strive to build each other’s self-esteem with support and love from the bottom of our hearts i love to cook dinner 🥘 for you and family and clean house and wash clothes 🧺 for you just to make you happy and save you time for love when you come from work and i a good lover and romantic who thinks about my woman’s pleasure before my own for I am a very loving submissive gentleman to your heart ❤️ who is a sporty slim handsome muscular hard working well educated business man in my 2 own companies as CEO sales manager