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The opposite ,I believe it will happen.I mentioned in a thread above that younger males (not all) however many seem to put more on looks of a female before anything else.Relationships are made alot more than only looks.Infact if you were to make a list it would/should be on the lower number.Honesty, humour,laughter,caring,romance,and more come way before beauty!I am an older male 62 yrs. ,yet started at age 47 when became divorced back into trying to date.I myself do not believe I am a 0-1 but maybe a 3-4 (normal guy) we all lower ourselves.I am far from a 9-10 I know that much.However with age & looks well finding a women has been far from easy . Finding a FLR woman even harder ,that really makes the odds even slimmer.Women do the same ,seem to put alot on looks first ,then once start to talk find other character traights out.
Would very much like to chat more if you so choose,understand if you do not . Here or on my site ,little more private .
Hope to hear from you