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Well it’s nice to be fascinated about. 😇Thank you Shantal. I’ve tried doing the long-distance thing with people but I long for someone close, to feel them with me. Smell them inhale them, kiss and serve them, adore them To date, I’ve had nothing but clumsy attempts with scammers and have been drained to the point where I’ve shut off anybody that’s not upfront and honest to begin with and to also carry that honesty. It is made me wiser, and certainly not willing to go as quickly. And to figure it out who is real and who is not. You seem quite real but where do you live -is it anywhere nearby? I’m in Florida the Tampa Bay area. I’d like to get to know more as you seem willing to understand me.
I ordered a chastity device but it was my own fault in that having it measured correctly before the purchase. It is quite small. And the part that is the problem is the circular ring not the fact that it’s so tiny in length. I measure up at 6 inches erect And I’m currently not using it much because it’s too painful. At some point I would order another one that fits just right. Ass worship is a fantasy of mine too🤭.

I have been finding enjoyment in studying with the Sissy training Academy online. They are very good and quite a powerful method. I love cross dressing and occasionally like to dabble in wearing it under my clothes as i work. I’d like to share these things with my lover, or my goddess, but don’t feel safe and revealing it beyond that.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Signed Ciara