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OP- as a sub, more slave, man in my mature age, I have experienced what you’re talking about. I thought maybe moving to a state where everything is bigger, and often hailed as better, might be the awakening. Sad to say the rapid increase of FINDOM all over behind the public pages of society is overwhelming. I began my journey into FLR back in 1989 as a late teen, in the military. Not once from then up until 2016 or so was I ever prompted to “pay tribute” without ever having met the soon to be D/. Of course what was once a differentiation, Dominatrix identifying a dominate woman, then became the dominate woman for hire, Pro-Domme as well. Years ago it was simple, if a woman had the title of Dominatrix, she was addressed as Mistress, Goddess, Master, and in the event her profession was one of providing conveniences in kind, you only paid the rate required for her occupational time commensurate to experience and desirability,.of course, like a beautician she had to cover her use of a facility.
In the interest of keeping faith waiting to once again have a mutually satisfying genuine FLR, not only am I here, I have put myself out on many sites. Weeding thru the obvious FINDOM trash, I started exercising my was once infrequent bratty side. Once I feel the chats are going to continue only if a tribute is made, I offer them a chance to pay me tribute. If they stick around or actually contact off site and are willing to meet, probably not a Cashfish.
Although in nature we’re competitors, I do hope since venting you have either found someone for you, or keep yourself in the hunt.