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I can understand the frustration level that dominant women whom truly want to pursue an FLR with a man. While we as truly submissive men seek earnestly for it, there are many men whom enjoy the sexual aspect of it without the truly rewarding part of working at the relationship and personal growth from a committed relationship. Given the statistics, there are a lot of “suitors” both sincere or otherwise. A woman bold enough to declare her desires gets inundated by literally hundreds of sincere submissive men and men who want the sexual stimulation of being with a dominant female. It must be super frustrating to deal with so many inquiries and discerning which are on the level and which are not. I do not condone tributes and wouldn’t do so myself, but I also understand how a Dominant woman seeking a submissive might throw her hands up in frustration and set up tribute as an obstacle to screen folks. Exercise caution I would say.