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      Is it normal to pay tribute to a woman here before you ever meet?

      Something seems a bit fishy about that.
      But all Dom women seem to want tribute in advance of doing anything at all.
      Have been burned before. Once payment is made, never heard from them again.

      I a hard limit regarding tribute payments. However, if this really is normal, then I’ll reconsider.
      Looking for real relationship, not pay to play.

      Thanks in advance for any insight on this issue.

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      Don’t send money to people you don’t know. Ever.

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      If i remember correctly the old FLR site had some safeguards in place to discern real people. Not sure what can be done. i do know on other sites i do not correspond unless the person has a rationale profile and a photo, even if shaded or blurred.

      Thanks for being ADMIN, i know that it is a difficult task at times.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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