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Is cuckolding an essential part of an FLR?
Is chastity this?
What about BDSM?
These are all questions about rules that don’t exist.
I live in an FLR that used to be very sexually oriented. BDSM, chastity, many fetishes ….. everything included. Only cuckolding was never included. But everything sexual has fallen by the wayside.
It’s up to me, my wife, both of us – but mainly it’s down to the many family, personal and work-related constraints that cost us a lot of time, energy and desire. Oh, I forgot about menopause. This is also to blame.

For years now this has been going on without (notable) sex. But we still have a female led relationship – a relationship in which the woman leads!
Basically, FLR does not mean more than that.

No chastity for me (have a lot of chastity cages in the drawer), little sex. No cuckolding either, although my wife dreams of being fucked like a piece of meat with a pussy by one or more men. I know that, we do dirty talk about it from time to time.

No one is to blame, no one and yet everyone could do something to change it. I’m on my way to putting these things back together. But it will last.

To come back to the question of the topic: Everything possible is an essential part of a so-called FLR, at least in the longings and thoughts – but there are no rules for it, no FLR Bible that tells you: it has to be like this and not otherwise.

One thing is certain: in a FLR, the queen rules. The rest is the twaddle of the servants at the Queen’s court. 😉