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Probably they are just curious or simply unwilling to open up publicly. It can be be a bit frightening even when you are anonymous to be open. Heck it terrifies me lol..

Since it is up to everyone how far they want to open up, I cannot accept this reason.
The truth is that many people just don’t want to put in any unnecessary effort because they don’t yet know if the site is of interest to their needs.
Efficiency through laziness, so to speak 😉
They are mostly looking for some new kick (pics, videos, texts) and that’s why they sign up to new forums etc. every day. New kick needs new sources.
It’s sooooo easy to register everywhere!

Sites like aboutflr.com aren’t extreme, so these people don’t find what they’re looking for and stop coming back. Their profiles are then nothing more than data garbage left behind.

I, too, used to roam around on many extreme sites, not so much to get horny through stupid consumption but more as a source of ideas, as a trigger for my own, very pronounced sexual creativity.
But at some point I just had to realize: you know everything that is worth seeing, reading and hearing.
Today, I prefer sites that are visited by fewer people due to a lack of extremism – but are largely free of over-the-top weirdness.

So it doesn’t bother me if profiles are not filled out, because that makes it easier for me to decide how seriously I have to take what this person writes.