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Hello LovingLeadingWife, it’s my pleasure to talk with you and know you better, to be honest i am a virgin man because of my father whonis a very strict religious person when i was a kid he was always telling me thay sex before marriage is a sin and from my 24 years.

i was trying to destroy this mentality that ibwas forced to have but till now couldn’t make it but deep inside i have faith that with time I will make it.

I am not an autistic person i am a very social man who have friends from different places, scouts, school, university, NGO’s,…..

My personality is a cold type, i can say i am a sigma male, INFJ
I am an educated man, i work in the technology field

About my fantasies and fetish, i like to be ride in the position of a cowgirl, sometimes to be tied(to be honest i had never try that in real but all my search in porn video are in those sections)

I like to make conversation with my partner absolutely to share different perspectives
I Had been never been in USA, i live currently in Lebanon Beirut City, but don’t have any problem to visit or to relocate in any state or other country, and age for me is only a number too

About vaccine, i had lost my job because i had refused to take the vaccine but now all is going well with a new work

I don’t know if i had answer all what you want, and absolutely i am waiting to reply to more questions my powerful LovingLeadingWife to know each other more and more so don’t hesitate to ask me anything

About you powerful LovingLeadingWife , are you interested whit a man who have my personality? Would you give it a try?

If i fit your personality what will be our next steps? Any visons for the futures? And can i have a picture of you powerful LovingLeadingWife ??

Have a beautiful day, waiting for your reply