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      I have read some posts on here and i am sure there is a swarm of fakes on here like every other websites like this . It’s my first time on here however I will make it clear that I seek only Genuine Men . I will not send you money nor do I want your money but be independent, generous and classy . I want a man that will give me full control to his life and follow my lead . Do not write me one sentence otherwise your messages will be deleted , be sure to go into full details about yourself and what you seek . Please do not waste my time and all the testers and weird online whore do not write me if you know you’re spamming every other woman online . Read my post and be sure we want the same thing and be sure you’re 100 percent ready for my lead .

      P.S Age doesn’t matter

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      Hello LovingLeadingWife, it’s my pleasure to talk with you and know you better, to be honest i am a virgin man because of my father whonis a very strict religious person when i was a kid he was always telling me thay sex before marriage is a sin and from my 24 years.

      i was trying to destroy this mentality that ibwas forced to have but till now couldn’t make it but deep inside i have faith that with time I will make it.

      I am not an autistic person i am a very social man who have friends from different places, scouts, school, university, NGO’s,…..

      My personality is a cold type, i can say i am a sigma male, INFJ
      I am an educated man, i work in the technology field

      About my fantasies and fetish, i like to be ride in the position of a cowgirl, sometimes to be tied(to be honest i had never try that in real but all my search in porn video are in those sections)

      I like to make conversation with my partner absolutely to share different perspectives
      I Had been never been in USA, i live currently in Lebanon Beirut City, but don’t have any problem to visit or to relocate in any state or other country, and age for me is only a number too

      About vaccine, i had lost my job because i had refused to take the vaccine but now all is going well with a new work

      I don’t know if i had answer all what you want, and absolutely i am waiting to reply to more questions my powerful LovingLeadingWife to know each other more and more so don’t hesitate to ask me anything

      About you powerful LovingLeadingWife , are you interested whit a man who have my personality? Would you give it a try?

      If i fit your personality what will be our next steps? Any visons for the futures? And can i have a picture of you powerful LovingLeadingWife ??

      Have a beautiful day, waiting for your reply


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      I have just read your ad an liked it
      please, permit me to introduce myslef to you:
      I am a single german submissive male, aged 53, 5.11 75kg, blonde hair
      I work as academic in the health sector
      In my private life I seek a strictly dominant, controlling female for a FLR
      if you are interested please get back to me
      most submissively Eddy

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      Hello Mistress mcsl3(eta)o u t l o o k. c o m

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      Hello my name is David im a 30 year old guy currently single, no kids. I never lived a flr but ive visited proffesional doms and played with bdsm in my personal life. So id say im an intermediate willing to get better. And I would really enjoy going all the way 24/7 fully lead relationship if there was trust between us. Im not an online whore, enslaved to my kinks thinking of nothing else like a dog…. I see bdsm as an extension of the love language between two people of special taste. I would not bend to someone I dont respect, love or some random person. To me bdsm is sacred its about sacrificing for a person you care about and in so doing showing your weakness for her, being completely open while repenting at the same time for it. Its mostly a mental thing for me more then the physical practises itself, they are just pathways to get there. Now with that said id like to hear about your intrests specifically within bdsm and more about you as a person outside of the playroom. I personally like all kinds of humiliation, sounding, latex, puppyplay, roleplay.chastity, anal games, pegging and the like,golden shower,whipping sessions. There isnt a thing I disliked so far, everything has its place and meaning to me or gives me a certain state of mind. I would also say im a natural people pleaser I always feel what makes or breaks a moment for me is if I displeased my dom. That pain is worse then any whip to me, the cold shoulder while rare, when it happens it hits like a truck for a person like me. Either way outside of the dungeon I box and go to the gym. I have no pets but a few hobbies, workin on cars, motorcycles, drumming and playing some games with a friend group. I like to travel, learn new things, experience new emotions and always grow. I prefer winter over summer, as im naturally warm (reason for polarbear name) So if you ever need a jacket you can always have mine. I work for volvo cars at the moment but soon to switch jobs, I can also travel if you prefer to host. Ye anything else you want to know id rather take on whatsapp or over a cam session, best wishes and hope you find what u seek!

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