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Hello Mistress Mcsl3:
My name is Curtis Lieber, and I’m a 63 yo retired, happy, healthy, and active beta submissive male.
You could live with me, in which I’ll pay all living expenses, or i can relocate and live with you, and organize to pay some Bills for YOU, and to your “Houseboy”… I am here,….to cheer you up, to entertain you, and to satisfy any needs you may have.
Pleeeeease, I beg you,……please pick me to be your “Trainee slave”, you can tie me up, whip me, punish me, I’ll learn not to make noises when whipped…..Please, Mistress, I beg you, to choose me, you won’t be let down……Please contact me, and let my show you….You850 can 217 contact 9974 me anytime, I live alone.
P.S.>>i would like to worship you daily, and to take hours in training to focus my mind, to be most pleasant for YOU….to enjoy, for i am only here, to please YOU….and make your day and life more pleasant.
I live near Panama City Beach, FL ….the Florida Panhandle, so if you live in Alabama, I’m NOT far away from you……I’m sure I can drive my RV up to YOU…….Please, let me try….You never know, I could be the one….
Slave curtis