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Dear Miss Foxy,
I am 💯 searching for a real, genuine, female led relationship with a dominant queen. Nothing would make me happier than serving and pleasing a beautiful, confident, intelligent, caring woman.
About me: I’m a single dad and unable to relocate for a couple of years. Besides having children, I lack the necessary liquid assets required by the British government prior to emigration approval.
However, if you would consider relocating to the US for a couple of years, we could marry, making emigration easier. In the interim, you would have a much larger pool of black men here in the states to satisfy all of your sexual desires.
I am fully willing to relinquish complete control to a female that would like me to be her sub, her pet, her slave, her cuckold, her “anything she wants”. I am willing to give my entire self to her so she can make me exactly what she wants me to be. I’m searching for a woman who is confident that she can train me to truly disregard all of my own wants and to always only consider hers.
Please take the time to reply to this message letting me know if you believe I am worthy of serving you or why I am not.
Thank you for your consideration.