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Thank you for your support, guys. I appreciate it indeed.
I get some news. I dropped the topic for a while, but my wife kept making comments about other men she’s found desirable every now and then. Then I said we could try it once. I could see the shine on her eyes, she then said I am the best husband of the world etc.
She had her first date, sent me hot videos making out and everything, You bet she enjoyed more than myself hahaha.
Afterwards it’s alright. She wants to settle a day of the week like “her night out” when I have to stay in and take care of our baby daughter.
At the end of the day I realised she is not a woman of only one man. She wants more children in the future and she mentioned cheeky that she would love to get pregnant from other man who she actually doesn’t know who is the real father but I think she wasn’t serious about it.
I just don’t know what James wanted to mean to try feminisation. I think it doesn’t have anything to do with cuckold. However my wife already made few mentions about it in the past.
A bit messy but there you are.
Thanks for your support again,