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      I am Josh 44 yo married to a hot black women 15 year my junior. I knew her personality was very dominant from the beginning and I introduced her to flr. She loved every piece of it and we couldn’t be better. However nothing are just roses and eventually she’s being insisting on the idea of dating other men. I don’t like to say no to her but I have been struggling with this. I don’t see myself as a cuck. I don’t know if it will be healthy for us. I feel like on crossroad. Even though we’ve spoken a lot about it we can’t get to a common point. It might be hot and good to our relationship but I am not sure an insecure about it. Any ideas?

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      I am married and in an FLR. I do not want to be a cuck and my wife has no interest in this as well so there is no problem. Many submissive men get off on being a cuck. Some of them are bi and will give oral sex to the cuck (so they say online).

      I assume you don’t want to get divorced. You say you have discussed it with her a lot and she still wants it. If you want to continue the FLR marriage then you probably have to accept it. Your other option is to tell her that this crosses a line and you won’t accept it and then see if this leads to separation or divorce.

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      Thanks for the reply. Yeah, what keeps uneasy in my head is that on a flr, the man is supposed never say no to the woman (which I do my best). I am probably somehow insecure about she dating other men.

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      One thing that you must always remember in a FLR is, consent.
      A good FLR is a loving relationship but it must be consensual.
      All activités must be agreed upon.
      Control is given to the leader freely and should never forced upon
      the follower.
      Now you may have given your partner the ultimate power to determine
      all aspects of your lives together, but the power should never
      be abused. Although you have given ultimate power, the reality is
      there are limits to your consent. You have morals and values that
      create limits to what you will or can do and your partner must
      acknowledge and accept these limits.
      If being cucked is a hard limit then your partner must make a choice.
      Breakup with you. Try to force you (which might lead to breakup.)
      Accept your limit and forget about cucking you. Drop the topic for now,
      but slowly move you in that direction.
      If this is something that you may eventually may be open to,
      your partner could start by feminizing you. Getting you to think
      and appear like a girl/sissy.
      I suggest that you read books by Lady Alexa. Specifically the one
      on how she feminized her husband.

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