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I think it’s dangerous if you let her control all your finances though. Real world favors women — law courts and men spending more time in jail for things. What if you wanted to play lotto and you won a million dollars and you broke up with her and she took all the money!? If she leaves you, you are going to be a broken man and homeless! I think we should advise against extremism for FLR. It should be fun and happy, not soul destroying.

When I read that, I realize that things are unfair for men in the real world (Western countries.) Regardless of FLR or not, there should be more fairness socially and legally.

As much as I despise Jeff Bezos and think he’s so rich it’s criminal, it’s astronomical, his ex wife shouldn’t have taken billions of dollars from him. He earned it. Everyone knows him, not her. Who needs to rob banks if you’re a woman with Western legal systems!? I thought life was about “hard work” or “how much you put in?”

At the end of the day, you’re still a person. A man, a submissive man. It doesn’t matter. We live in a material world and we’re only here for a certain period of time.