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I wanted the FLR. If I kept all the money in my account then she is not really in charge. I volunteered to put most of the money in her account to show I was serious about giving her real power in the marriage and not just doing it because it played to my kinks (which it does). The house is still in both are names. It’s paid for and cannot be sold without my signature. I still have 50K to run my business. I can easily save another 50K in a year or two. My wife feels more secure and in charge in our marriage because she now has a large bank account that she controls. I don’t worry about money so much. The important thing is I have no debt and have a good business with a good income. I don’t think we will ever divorce but if my wife divorces me and takes most everything then so be it. That does not scare me. I’ll be fine and she will be fine. I want her to have a good life whether we are together or not.