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      I am a dominant woman who is seeking a confident and obedient service submissive for a Female Led Relationship.

      The ideal man will be willing to give up control in all aspects of his life overtime. He will find selfless joy in a being of service.

      If you would like to be considered please send a personal message and introduce yourself fully.

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      Hi I’m 34 I absolutely worship pussy I have only done a bit of FLR before I used to do the all housework and chores then eat pussy for hours I was allowed to worship her feet it was hard because she had kids im looking for someone to train me properly and gradually take total control I can’t stop reading about FLR rules and porn my balls are going to explode.

      Thanks for your time hopefully i will hear back from you even just to chat

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      Hi! I’m new on this site but I can say I’m interested in this, here’s some info about me:


      19, M, USA

      >About you / hobbies

      I like anime, casual games and hear some convos (I don’t like taking the initiative, I’m not good at that)

      >Looking for

      I wan’t to be irl pet of a bbw or a milf so I can travel, I can do anything you wan’t just not pooping, vomit or rough physical damage

      >Not looking for

      Only online



      More info:

      Name (nickname tbh): Roger

      Height: 5’5

      Weight: 120 lbs

      Sex: Virgin, haven’t done yet

      Kisses: haven’t done yet

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