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      Hi ladies, Goddess, mistress and strong women.
      After being few years in Classical relationship, i was not confy with the dynamics, the power , alchimy, and the direction. I like equality between man and woman, i really do, but i need more, i need a real led woman, strong one and charisma.
      I seeking for level 2 FLR but curious about level 3. I was Lonely for very long Time so i can Handle finances and job alone, but for other things , i want to be lead, directed, ordered, to follow a real powerful woman with passion, love and compréhension. We are both but she is the captain and i am the sailor. I do what she Will to get the ship with here where she wanted to go, for our happyness and our futur.

      Goddess, if you live in Montréal QC Canada, im here and want to be devoted to you.

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