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      Hello, I am seeking a live-in submissive for an FLR. I am a very attractive, well-educated, well-travelled caucasion woman who seeks an exceptional FLR or service-oriented submissive. I live in paradise next to the ocean in florida and I am seeking a well-behaved, obedient, service-oriented submissive gentleman who would love to adore and pamper and serve a beautiful Godddess. Please reply with a polite, well-written message tellling me your basic info, experience, helpful skills, availability to relocate and daily work schedule to be considered…I am ideally seeking a submissive who does not have to work outside of serving Me. Please include in your private message if you took any of the covid vaccines? Which ones? please private messgae instead of posting after this post for ease of communication

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      Hello Goddes. I want to be your live0in sub. I’ve sent you a private message

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        Hello how are you may I ask? I would like to apply to your add.
        Regards norm

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      Hello Goddes. I’ve sent you a private message. I can relocate to become a perfect 24/7 live-in sub. I will pamper you and be your sex toy, sex servant, and slut. I am very oral, skillful tongue, and a cock more than 8′ for your pleasure. I am well-traveled and can be your escort on your journeys. I am covid vaccinated with Moderna. please text me at 617-600-8576 or e-mail: megatvoi1@yahoo.com and I will send you my pics.

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      Hell I would lije to apply to your add, thank you

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      Hello Mistress. I want to be Your 24/7 sex sub. I’ll become a perfect slave

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      great profile

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      Dear Miswisdomme (love the name)
      I am hereby applying to your domestic servitude position.
      I am fit, muscular, willing to serve and submit to your every desire. I have had four years experience in the same type of position before but am no longer serving my former Domme.
      Please contact me at your convenience should you want to interview me.

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      You sound like an amazing woman who I would admire and want to serve making you my priority.
      I have the qualities that you said you were looking for. I’m a bit of a neat freak so I would keep your place spotless. I’m a good cook, but better with a barbecue. I’m a good handyman.
      I like to keep fit and live a healthy lifestyle. I am recently retired and receive a good pension so I don’t need to work.
      I have received four Covid vaccines, the latest Pfzir booster, two Moderna’s and a Pfizer before them.
      I am 51, 5’ 10” with a slim muscular build, brown hair and blue eyes.
      Along with serving you I would be free to use in any way you wish.
      I hope you will consider me.
      Thank you

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      Nice profile, Mistress.

      My name is slave dustin.

      I am fit, intelligent, love sports, animals, art and travelling.

      I am a non-smoker, non-drinker, and non-drug user.

      If you are interested, I can send you some pictures of me.

      I love to cook and clean for a woman, and also serve orally.

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      I dont log onto here often and its a lot of weeding of one line messages- if you are sincere please attach your face pic and tell me about yourself where you currently live, etc…

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      Hello Mistress,

      Are you still looking for a submissive man to serve and worship you in a loving, long-term FLR?

      I am. If you’re interested, please write back to me here, or at x127n812m@yahoo.com. I’m a loving, very smart, good, honest, funny, decent, committed, trustworthy, submissive, 63 yrs old, hoping for a goddess who will own and collar me as her property.

      Thank you,
      – available to relocate
      – freelance science writer
      – 2 COVID vaccines + 3 boosters.

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      Hello Mistress mcsl3(eta)o u t l o o k. c o m

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      Miss Wisdomme – I love what you wrote. If you like the quote below, email me – or, better yet, send me a google chat message:

      “For all of human history, powerful and successful men have used their status and resources to attract hot younger women for pleasure and as status symbols. Now that modern women are becoming more successful and independent, accumulating resources in their own rights, why should they not use their status to indulge the pleasures of the most exquisite male flesh that society has to offer? Why should a young man not take a powerful woman’s name in marriage, work to maintain her household, and remain faithful while allowing her freedom?”

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