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      Am in Uganda, I seek an obedient white male sub to meet my sexual needs and run errands/chores for me. Must be willing to travel. Must a gentleman outside, yet my sub slave. Must desire adult breastfeeding. Aged 37 – 64.Must be able to care for himself.

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      Through his dedicated service he gains great clarity about what his life is all about, why he exists, what life is for. He exists to serve her. His goal in life is to obey and please. By meeting this goal, obeying her wishes and pleasing her, he reaches fulfilment in his life. His life has meaning.

      Many men get distracted as to what their goal is, perhaps by embarrassment at being submissive or the expectations of friends, family and society as to “what a man is”. True happiness comes from recognising that submission is natural and society expectations are toxic.

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