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      Hi! Iā€™m here with intentions to build a monogamous, intimate, and playful relationship with someone who enjoys practicing a more dominant role in relationships. It’s the dynamic that attracts me more than any particular kink.

      1. Nature-loving, curiosity-driven, playful extrovert with a strong zest for life. Agnostic with principle-derived ethics. I’m attracted to introverted, mature, intellectual women who can balance and channel my natural enthusiasm.
      2. Into effective communication, deep chats, sending voice notes, reading, building intimacy, personal development, and growing together.
      3. Location-independent, with US & EU passports. If we match from different cities and develop a real connection, I am happy to visit. I’ve lived in a few countries, and miss the international / expat vibes.
      4. ENTJ-A, 7w8, projector, just over 5ā€™6. Adventurous, open-minded, and drawn to deeper conversations and connections.
      5. Into biking, hiking, camping, tech, startups, curated social gatherings, culture, and international community.

      My IRL experiences have been light, but potent enough to know that I would regret not looking for a partner who is also curious about building an FLR together…or at least, a relationship with some elements of gentle femdom (GFD). I really like it when my partner enjoys and prefers being in control of my orgasms. I believe that women are naturally better custodians of a mans’s pleasure, and this can allow for much more fun and fulfilling relationships.

      For me, an ideal relationship might look like:

      1. We truly enjoy each other’s company. We connect deeply on intellectual, emotional, and physical levels. We help each other grow as loving, spiritual beings.
      2. We play board games, cook together, and get outside – whether that’s hiking, biking, camping, or just enjoying a beautiful sunset. We occasionally host and attend dinner parties with good people. We bond on roadtrips, and travel internationally.
      3. We make time for intimacy, and enjoy exploring each other’s bodies. We’re sensual, playful, and we love experimenting.
      4. Our hobbies and friend groups can be visualized in a venn diagram. You have yours, I have mine, and we have a beautiful little overlap where we can bond deeper.

      If this is at all interesting for you, I’d love to connect ā¤ļø

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      There doesn’t seem to be much activity on this site, so I’m going to delete my account.
      If you’d like to connect: zestful.flr@gmail.com

      Wishing you the best!

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