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      Goddess V

      I am a Goddess interested in finding a service-oriented, dedicated single professional gentleman for a healthy, loving moderate FLR. Ultimately, I would like to have a subby (submissive hubby).
      The man I want desires to serve me and take care of me and ensure that I’m satisfied.
      I believe in respect of both parties and high levels of communication. I am not playing a role for you. If that is what you were looking for, then it sounds like you are desiring a more femdom type relationship. However, if you enjoy some aspects, such as domestic service and tasks, protocols, and worship, we will get along very well. I would like my partner to be comfortable with chastity with cage when I deem appropriate and keyholding, as well as cuckolding/stagging, but not for humiliation purposes. Obviously this would all be agreed upon with consent prior to entering a relationship. Prior to entering a relationship.
      No drugs or smoking (including cannabis).

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      Hi there. This sounds amazing and I’ve always dreamt of this lifestyle. I live in Florida right now

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      Goddess V

      I should have said this in my post and I don’t know how to edit it. My preference is someone who lives in the Connecticut and surrounding areas.

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      I live in CT. I don’t know if I am for you. But let’s talk.


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      I am from NE PA not 2.5 hour from fairfield. I am thinking I may be a good fit from reading your post.

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      Hi. It sounds like perfect relationship for me.

      I live in Birmingham (United Kingdom) are you?

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      68/CT I am a gentleman, professional and business owner, I have lived the role described and looking to fulfill again. if I am too old at least let me buy you dinner!!!

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      I was married for 30 years and have been divorced for a few years. My marriage could be descibed as an FLR but I dont think the term even existed back then. I left my marriage because I believed I was no longer getting anything from the relationship. I was doing all of the housework and making all of the income and although I remained faithful to my ex , I was expected to just accept that she had other relationships. The spankings were no longer exciting for me they just hurt.

      Since being divorced I am finding that i am unable to function in a “normal” relationship. My ex has moved on and the women I have dated are not interested in taking control. I am not interested in BDSM or being dressed like a woman. I do not want to be humiliated. I want to serve a woman who wants to be served.

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