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      I’ve been a submissive all my life, a true one, that worship woman as Goddesses.
      I  live in Portugal , Lisbon, and here is a very conservative country so I am always struggle to find a Goddess to serve. I needed to end all my relationships because of that. 
      I really need to be owned.
      Since my teenage years I’ve visited prodommes all around the world, lacking and to feel this power dynamic.

      I have 46 years old, I am very heathy, vegetarian in the last 25 years, don’t do drugs (cigars, alcohol, etc). I have a degree in Finance and Economics.

      I am not use to write this kind of emails, but I thing in this first stage, trust is the most important aspect to develop, and see if we match.
      I know how to cook, clean, iron, do errands, drive. I am a good masseuse and really love to nurtured and take care. I work hard and I am a QI of 120 but at same time I’m very humble soft and sutle.

      I’m very intense so FLR 4+ is the perfect condition for me.
      I’ll take care of everything to make your life easier and be completely owned.

      For me is very very important the emotional connection between Goddess and slave.
      No rights but is needed that connection, that’s easy established with worship your dirty panties, drink you pee, worship your armpits or your ass. Wash your intimate clothes by hand. Strap-on!
      In the case you find appealing I can be in chastity and a cuckold. I have oral skills if needed.
      I love to be humiliated.

      I could be a complete sissy, your lesbian friend (I’m masculine). And could inclusive be explore as a whore.

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      Hi dear, how are you doing today? I saw your profile and I was tempted to send you a message. I hope this doesn’t bother you and we can get to know each other better. Please tell me about yourself and I can tell you about myself as well! Also send a few pics and I can send some as well! I await your email, please.
      Here’s my email to contact me if you feel the same … Sgtjamiewatson@outlook.com

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