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      Only single gentlemen may contact Me.

      I am a single Woman of integrity, interested in establishing a healthy, committed FLR/marriage based on mutual respect, shared values and congruent goals, with a service-oriented, dedicated, single gentleman of integrity. I may consider relocation.

      Politely, fully describe yourself. Do not send Me a message merely stating, for example, “Hi.”

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      Good morning potential Mistress,

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        daniel here – 30m in oregon – perhaps too young for u – if not, i should be most pleased to be considered
        your Knight – i can be quite like Galahad – level 3 suits me well – would scolding, corporal punishment,
        cornertime be employed as need be? i await your response with the keenest anticipation –
        e-maul: – thank you kindly!

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      Good morning Ms Ashley.
      I’m a gentleman that lives in Long Island New York.
      I’m a deeply inspired flr gentleman lifestylist seeking a potential mate
      I’m honest I’m real I’m true FLR and willing to travel for a potential future relationship with someone who’s honest and knows what they want
      Able to relocate but not for another three or four years I have teenage kids
      If you would be interested in speaking with me by e-mail is
      Have a lovely day

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      Hello LovelyLady.

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      Good afternoon,
      I’m a gentleman and submissive currently residing in Atlanta. I love to serve and provide my Domme/Queen with her desires. I would be willing to relocate, but to first see if LDR works out first. I am an open and flexible sub willing to serve a Strong, Dominant Female.
      Let’s start some dialog. is my email address.

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      Hi Lovely,I’m christopher and new to and thought i’d reply to Your post. I’ m also very health conscious,fitness oriented and seeking a loving ,committed FLR. My direct email is,c

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      Dear Lovely Lady ! Even if your profile and ad in the section Women in don’t say much about Yourself, I find you interesting and am sending a message.
      As You seem not to have been active for some time, I hope it is ok to ask whether You have found and grabbed the male You wanted for your FLR?
      What arouse my interest in You was three words; FLR, loving and committed.
      If you are still searching, I would be very happy if You would look into my profile.
      You don’t telle the FLR level you want, not where You live and how tall you are. Our age seem compatible, but I live in Denmark, and I am only 172 cm tall. Whether you are taller or smaller than me is unimportant to meas long as You want a FLR.
      My dream is to have the supportive role in a FLR, particularly with duties like housework and grooming of You.
      Sincerely Your Johan

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      Please include your age and location.

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      Why do you bother posting without telling people where you are located. Equally ridiculous are the male respondents who don’t even notice this fatal flaw in the conatcting system.

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      Just a man

      i have no idea what part of the country you are from

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      Not only do you have no idea what part of the country she’s from, but you have no idea what country she’s from. Because there’s no indication of that anywhere.

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      Hello Mistress mcsl3(eta)o u t l o o k. c o m

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