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      Good evening ladies, I’m Craigand I’m located in upstate New York. I’m seeking a female best friend and I’m going to keep it 100 with you and explain exactly what I’m seeking in a relationship. Hopefully you’ll be intrigued with what I desire or maybe you will not but here goes anyway! I’m a 48 year old widowed white male seeking to find my beautiful ebony queen for a very different and unique long term relationship. I’m seeking a woman who is open to being in a cuckold relationship. A cuckold relationship is a relationship where the woman has the freedom to date other men I don’t date other women. I was involved in this type of relationship for over 15 years and it was absolutely beautiful and satisfying. I have a desire to have a long term committed relationship in all traditional ways and support her in every way possible as a loving partner would. In my marriage my wife had a few boyfriends she dated long term and she was only with them physically. We were still extremely close and knew everything about one another but while she dated someone else I was even permitted to see her naked or in panties. She was able to date openly and publicly so no one felt like they were sneaking around. I know this isn’t the type of relationship must people think of but it happens in some form or fashion. No one has to lie about their feelings or where or what they’re going out to do. It’s been a long time since I’ve attempted to meet a woman and I’ve been on my own for the past four years. For me it’s time to put myself out there and find that special woman who also wants to be in something special. I’m a well educated professional and I own my home. I’m ultimately in the search for a female to develop into best friends and much more. If you are open to long term, very intimate and honest relationship please hit me back. To me the woman I’m with happiness is what is most important to me. Without question I need a strong woman who will completely deny me access to her body. This is a very key element in white I need.
      If anyone happens to be interested or have any questions please feel free to let me know.

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      Mermaid Goddess

      I messaged you 😘

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      Hi dear, how are you doing today? I saw your profile and I was tempted to send you a message. I hope this doesn’t bother you and we can get to know each other better. Please tell me about yourself and I can tell you about myself as well! Also send a few pics and I can send some as well! I await your email, please.
      Here’s my email to contact me if you feel the same … Sgtjamiewatson@outlook.com

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