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      Married poly/ethically non-monogamous and abides by the rule that with mutual consent anything’s possible; champagne formal in the front ethical slut in the bedroom.

      The ability to ride you like a bicycle seat bodes well for the both of us. I need some way to get my exercise. Manners are key: If you leave the seat up, you will be punished for real.

      I like a smirk, and a smart ass. Playful brats to the front. Hard flirts, eye-fucking, and people watching turn me on. Enthusiastic consent makes my lip quiver, and my knees weak. My orgasms are not optional. Yours may be non-existent. 🔐

      Be under 50, employed, healthy mentally and physically, have recent photos to be verified and vetted. If you are not local to YVR at least have the ability to travel.

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      Good morning…where is YVR? Ability to travel unequivocally with that bio! I’m your boy!

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      Hopefully, you like the smirk… 🙂

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      Vancouver, Canada I think. Too bad; I’m too old.

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      I am seeking a serious person who is willing to practice FLR. Who might be very different in terms of race and location but very high on intellect, commitment, and seriousness toward 100% FLR.

      We need to know each other, explore and have to be sure about vai communication. I am ready if you are so please feel free to catch me on WhatsApp/ Line/ Telegram.

      Wherever you might be it is not difficult to reach you in person.

      (+1) 239 205 3054, (+91) 970 421 4459, (+93) 783707036

      Kind regards,

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      Dear Madam

      My heart skipped a beat when I saw the letters YVR in your post. I am a local sissy sub who lives near Lougheed Mall so I am very centrally located.

      I’m a lifelong submissive and identify mostly as a Sissy Maid. I love domestic duties especially cooking and cleaning as well as providing personal services and spoiling and pampering. I especially enjoy giving massages, manicures and pedicures.

      I am professionally employed, well trained from my past experienes but on the other hand there is a side to me that requires a firm hand especially with a new Domme.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      MAid Stephanie

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      Handsome gentleman

      Sounds hot! 49 very handsome tall white educated smart fun easy 2 b w willing to travel doing it for the experience. sure he’s a lucky man! regards

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