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      Hello and thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. I’m a college educated, divorced, IT professional who feels lost in the dating pool. I’m very loving, honest, open, and affectionate and just feel like when it comes to dating to try to find my happiness it seems like an epic journey. There are days where I’m questioning everything I say and do. I tend to be too open and honest, and yes I get excited and take jokes and comments too far when I start to feel a connection with someone and I seem to chase the woman away. I am a good man and know there’s always room for improvement and am hoping to find someone who balances me, pulls me back down to the ground when I get me head too much into the clouds, and will guide me in our mutual effort to shape and mold our relationship into something that we both think is beautiful and is loving and affectionate. I thank you again for reading this and I apologize if I got too long winded.

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