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      Hi. I am kind, supportive, playful, educated, submissive man seeking a FLR with open communication and respect for both parties. I need someone who is family oriented (I have a young child), and interested in having an FLR that fits into the emotional dynamics of a real relationship. I am 5’6″, athletic and fit. I love outdoor recreation, nature, breweries, board sports (surf/SUP), cooking, closeness, and affection. I love and need kink but more than anything I want to have a loving relationship where my subservience to my partner becomes natural and fluid and integrates smoothly into our daily lives. I am level 2 or 3 guy. Level 4 is great for play time, but I don’t see it as meeting both parties human needs over time in a dedicated relationship. I have a stable income and my financial future is secure. I cannot relocate due to family obligations, but northern Michigan is a beautiful place to live.

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      Sofia Russo

      Hi, please write me on this email to have a detailed email about what i seek and who I am. Please keep in touch. ” sr20030413@gmail.com ” Sofia

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      You are right, Northern MI is a beautiful place to live! I hope you and your daughter are enjoying this beautiful, albeit a bit dry, summer we are having. Just out of curiosity, what part of our northern mit is home. I enjoy the “sunset” side as home.

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      Hey there, I read through your ad and I must admit, I found you quite fascinating. I am strictly dominant. And I am more interested in your total submission. You mentioned something that you need and that struck me. You wish to understand the inner workings of a woman. I love that. I love the fact that you value a female led relationship. Your courage is admirable, taking care of a child isn’t an easy task, but therein lies boundless blessings. I’ll teach you what confidence is. I have several kinks we would speak about. Write me back immediately you get this. Goddess Shantel.

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